Still fighting, could you please stop?

Just end it, it’s better that way. Split then the fights will stop, you will own your own and there won’t be anymore ridiculous fights AGAIN AND AGAIN.

I know I have to deal with it, but I seriously hate it when you ignore me and stuff. Make me realise how much you actually mean to me. It sucks. I hate it when you get mad at me, never fails to make me feel like total shit. Sigh. Why do I care and depend on you so much? It frustrates me. 

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That unenjoyable feeling you get when, you think you made somebody sad or mad. It sucks mainly when you have no idea why and the only thing you can do is to bash yourself up to make yourself feel better. 

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It feels like my heartstrings are being pulled at multiple sides.

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It was just after the recent holidays. When all these boys started to make me all confused… But the thing is, i don’t get why i’m confused about them at all. Like WHAT is this right? It is so stuffed up and i don’t want to like them. BUT BUT BUT all of these BUTS! Keep coming my way. Oh Hormones, please go away. I wish i could make them into my good friends instead of being blankly confused about them. :/

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